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This book is a combination of an autobiography and a collection of miscellaneous nonfiction pieces that vary from an eight year old Tan's "Why I Like the Library" to a lengthy email describing her and her husband's rescue from a flood and mudslide by cops. Also are long pieces describing how fucked up her Mother was and how she used her family history in The Joy Luck Club.

This book is most useful if you are an Amy Tan fan as opposed to someone in the mood for some really good essays. I suspect that it is for this reason it was on the take-a-book-leave-a-book shelf in the laundry.


I had today off so I spent it doing chores and shopping. The swiffer things are my new favorite cleaning tool and my kitchen floor is now sparkling. Hurrah for sanitation! I also went to the library and picked up 1491, The Historian, and The Bonesetter's Daughter. Yes I am both geeky and really bored waiting for Scott, particularly as it looks like he won't be coming to DC until the 25th. AARGH.

I also went to Pier 1 Imports and invested in two chair cushions and a lamp. It is my first grown-up lamp and I am privately calling it my "French whore lamp." It has a red bead fringe thing on the post bit and a red lampshade. I actually find it quite cute and it matches my rugs, although it doesn't give as much light as I would like it to (is this because it is a "bedroom lamp" as opposed to "lamp lamp"?). But it was quite cheap on sale, and is better than just my broken college desk lamp I've had since I was 18.

Now I am once more facing my couch issue. Pier 1 has some reasonably-priced sofas of the sort I am looking for. However it's firmer than I'd like. When Scott comes back I'm going to wheedle him into going with me on a couch-test at various stores. And then once I have a sofa I can get back to the lamp issue.

Anyhow tomorrow night is the big shindig at work. I have been advised by faculty that it is quite fun and also the smartest thing to do is snag dessert ASAP so you get the good stuff. This has been duly noted.

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