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As promised, the first in a series of reviews. I hope.

This is Meg Cabot's latest adult effort (incidentally released with her latest YA, Avalon High, which was really good but I won't review as I read it last week ;)), the first in a series of mysteries starring Heather Wells. Heather was a pop star as a teenager, but when she gained a pounds and wanted to actually write her songs, she was dumped from her label, and by her boy-band boyfriend (say that three times fast). Oh and her Mom then emptied her savings account and fled to Argentina. So. Heather gets a job as a residence hall assistant, which means she works long hours and low pay in exchange for free tuition after a period of six months. She's taken in by Cooper, a hot P.I. who is the cool older and disinherited brother of the ex-bf. Life could be better, but it's not bad. And that's when girls start dying in the dorm from "elevator surfing": except, Heather knows, girls don't do that. And the thing all the dead girls have in common is...

Oh like I'll tell. Now unlike her YA fiction, Meg's adult novels tend to be either really good (The Boy Next Door, Every Boy's Got One) or not so much (She Went All the Way, Boy Meets Girl). This one is pretty good--I'm sure I'd rate it higher if I was into mysteries more. But it has some great Grrlpower energy that is lacking in a lot of other chicklit, and it's a relief to have a heroine who views food as a pleasure rather than a challenge. She also manages to have a crush on Cooper without being drippy and be in life-threatening situations without being Mary Suely brave or wimpy.

Now one of the things that has bugged me about a lot of Meg's characters is that the men tend to be the intellectual ones while the women are usually not (they can be geeky and love Star Wars and Buffy, but unlike guys not into the Plato), though they have other good qualities. One thing I like about Heather is she is intent on getting an education, and also catches onto things that Cooper and the detectives don't.

The book isn't a must-read, but it's definitely fun and will keep you up doing the "just one more chapter" thing.


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Jan. 6th, 2006 01:09 am (UTC)
It's also good for the "commute read" list and the "can't sleep might as well read" list.

Hey new BSG tomorrow, YAY!!
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