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Making Things Homey

Spent today making things as homey as I could. I've gotten everything unpacked that has a place to go (since I haven't built some storage stuff yet I still have some clothes and dvds in boxes) but my bookshelves are up thanks to Scott, and I have my books and things on them. I also got my cable/internet/phone installed and my new home number is 202-248-9862. Wait a while to call though as the phone is still charging, and stuff. :)

Scott left some stuff here he'll need on weekends, like his eyedrops and contact case and boy hygiene stuff (he says my soap smells girly. Well um duh.). I guess it's silly but I like that he did that, that there's stuff to remind me of him when he isn't here. (Yes I am such a mushball.)

Anyhow since most of my boxes are gone things look kinda empty. My bed should arrive in a couple weeks, and I'm on the lookout for something to put my dvds in, and hopefully can go check out a couch sometime soon too.

I also have a special weekend project: making fudge. When we went to Shenandoah yesterday, Scott really wanted some of the fudge they sell in their trinket store, but they were all out. We stopped at a roadside market too, the sort of place that sells baskets of apples and stuff, and they had some fudge--for almost $9 on the half-pound. Highway friggin' robbery! Didn't even look very good. I told Scott I'd do my best to make some this weekend--and it'd be fresh and cheaper. He said he'd only ever seen it priced like that but that he'd only ever seen it at those sorts of places. Oy.

I need to get back to NaNoWriMo but my home is my first priority right now. :) Tomorrow morning I'm going grocery shopping before work as I didn't go today due to aforementioned cable/etc install. I am working hard at eating healthy too and am going to get some nice veggies and things. Woo hoo!

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