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Still Kickin'

It's been a busy week, but here are some things I *love* about working Saturdays:

1)Shorter shift.

2)(Usually) very quiet library.

3) Internet access. :D

I get my net/cable/phone put in on Monday. Woo hoo! Thank God most of my tv is in reruns: contemplating missing a week of VM or BSG just sets my lil geek nerves on edge.

Anyhow, due to aforementioned busy week, I haven't made as much progress on my novel as I'd like. Also due to aforementioned quiet Saturday I'm hoping to make a little progress today.

In cute news, Scott drove down late last night. He'd meant to take a cab to the train station and grab the 9:30 MARC train down, but unfortunately the cab never showed up, so he missed the train. He called at 9:30 and was like, "Um, the cab didn't show up and I'm going to miss the train. So I'll come down tomorrow, okay?" Then ten minutes later he calls back and says, "Actually, I think I'll drive down tonight. I really want to see you." Yup, cutest guy ever. So he gets in about 10:45, and we enlarge what I call my base camp on the floor. Anyhow, tomorrow we're going to get up early and go to Shenandoah while the weather is so nice and the leaves are pretty.

In practical news, I also bought a bed this week. I think the frame and pillows are supposed to come in a week or so and the mattress in 3-6 weeks. Or something. But still: furniture! Woo hoo!

That's about it, I guess. Everyone enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

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