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My Long Lost Love Penguin

Met Scott yesterday for sushi and movie fun. He is a total Firefly geek now and was as eager as I to see Serenity, and now we've seen it we feel sad that now we don't have more to look forward to (at least for the moment). I talked to Andrew yesterday also and he saw it twice. So go Browncoats!

Anyhow, Scott and I are officially back together again. Back when we went to see March of the Penguins we joked about how we could get a baby penguin and name it Tux. Well yesterday he gave me a penguin and a passport from the Penguins Republic of Antarctica for one "Tux Coker." I said Tux was my long lost penguin love child from a wild night in Alaska, and Scott is Tux's new step-daddy. Yes, we give ourselves cavities too.

We spent this afternoon exploring Arlington around the area I want to move into, and browsed in stores and had ice cream. I so can't wait for my whole housing issue to get resolved, and hopefully can take my break one day this extra long week (Monday through Saturday working, ugh) to go over and get things sorted. Scott's going to help me move, so basically all that'll be left will be packing and furniture-buying. Yup, me with actual furniture, what a concept, huh!!

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