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Weekend/Early Week Update

Had fun at Scott's party. I was bemused by how he and his roommates decided to have a barbeque while knowing nothing about bbqing. (This is not exaggerating.) I took a turn at cooking and managed to not burn anything (go me!) but got huge bugbites I am nursing. Everyone was nice and I was brave and social. Math folks are kind of wimpy though as their parties wind down by midnight whereas archival parties generally go into the early AMs. ;) Scott was cute and he kept coming up to me at intervals to make sure I was okay and everything (I was way tired because of my insane-o week) and bringing me drinks and water. He is beyond sweet. The Book Fest is this week and as all the authors I like are doing signings at the same time and so he has offered to go stand in line for me to get a book signed for me. *geek swoon* We still don't know what we are but try to not worry about it too much: we've both been hurt so much and are scared but we're so happy together too. Isn't life confusing?

Anyhow, I'm glad I only have a week of unemployment left before my employment as it is pretty boring. I watch Star Trek reruns most of the day and read novels. I'd have thought this would be an excellent existence also but it is very dull and lonely.

I've decided to break down and get a roomie when I move. I've talked to a couple people on Rent.com and will just see. I really want to live in a nice area in a place to myself but I just really can't afford it: well technically I could if I budgeted everything very very tightly, but I want to be able to keep doing what I've been doing and have a bit of cash leftover for the ocassional treat and to put away for other days. So we'll see about that.

Anyhow I really want to do something to celebrate my employment but I'm not sure what and everyone is so busy these days anyway. So I guess we'll see on that point also.


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Sep. 20th, 2005 03:14 pm (UTC)
Sure if you want. I will say first though that we just got a brand new dean and she plans to change the program a bit, mostly in terms of expansion (it won't just be a library school anymore, it'll be an information school). Depending on what you're interested in, UM has lots of great opportunities: since it's so close to DC, you can do internships and student flunkie jobs at lots of cool places. The CIA is the highest recruiter post-grad. Particularly if you concentrate on information technology you can get all sorts of shiny government big-bucks jobs. If you want to do school media or reference you can do that too. Lots and lots of options. :)
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