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"Who is God?" plus: Culture-Vulturism

"Y'know when you want something really bad, and you close your eyes and wish for it? He's the guy that ignores you."

That's from The Island which was astonishingly good scifi when it wasn't overlong chase/action/fight scenes that were badly blocked and shot. Yes I am picky about these sorts of things, but honestly, why Hollywood permits it....oh hell why do they permit any of their schlock.... Anyway it was a good movie with some genuinely creepy visuals. Honestly, one sequence hasn't made me feel that kinda "gyanhrr!" feeling since The Matrix or possibly even The Imposter. Very wonderful paranoid stuff.

Speaking of paranoia, I'm becoming increasingly twitchy about journalism. Between the gasbagginess of The Times' article about Rowling to the inexplicable rise of the geek in the St. Louis Today, I am just wondering what is up with writers who cite factoids that can quickly refuted by Google.

By fucking GOOGLE, man. Aren't you people supposed to, y'know, FACT-CHECK things. Now admittedly these are lit/sci-fi pieces or the stuff that supposedly no one cares about and is therefore allowed some "slack", but it just makes me wonder WTF is up with the "real news." Do they fuck up as much there?? Per a convo I had with neomagusx the other day, how can you ever tell what is real in the media?

Take for instance a story in MSN last week (can't find the link now, but it was some op-ed about children's lit). After two pages the author talks about the increasing disinterest in reading. Um? How does that make sense when there was the publishing milestone two weeks of the insane copy numbers for HP:HBP? Plus the general omnipresence of Borders and B&Ns. Plus take the Metro during rush hour some time and then count the number of people WITHOUT reading material--not that many.

I'm just saying. It's weird. And why do we have Tofu on tuesday nights? Who decided we like it and what is it anyway??


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Aug. 1st, 2005 01:05 am (UTC)
"tofu n.
A protein-rich food coagulated from an extract of soybeans and used in salads and various cooked foods."

"bean curd n.

brought to you by www.dictionary.com

Aug. 1st, 2005 03:11 am (UTC)
I was quoting the movie again. There's a gag in the movie about how the clones are kept on these uber-monitored (i.e. the toilet tells you there's too much sodium in your pee) diets, and Ewan is kept on all this crappy veggie stuff while other people get bacon and waffles. He's not particularly pleased with that. I am also uncertain as to whether or not what was put on his plate instead was generic futuristic goo or overcooked grits....
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