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Randomness from the Void

It's been a long shitty week and I'm glad it's over. Here is some randomness:

1) I think Rowling TOTALLY plans to go all Lucas on us. From this interview from 2004, she reveals that she plans to revise all seven books when she's done. (Well, good, it'll help, I think. Not that I'm not an obsessive anyway, but still.)

2) Only one week til new sci-fi, with BEN BROWDER!!!!!!! *geeker joy!* Huzzah! AND HP6!

3) Speaking of new sci-fi, I can finally stop watching Into the West which I am still suffering through for all, y'know, FIVE minutes of Christian Kane. *grumble* They better make him lose his shirt at least once before he snuffs it, that's all I can say!

4) Luckily this week has been drama-freeish. Had an almost-spat with Andrew today over ancient history. Oh well, we've been friends for eight friggin' years, stuff piles up I guess. I am also angsting over my ability to be a good auntie and provide the weans with tribute, as Nico is too young for a Darth Tater and Olivia's mother seems to have engendered her with a fear of Star Wars. Non-geeks suck!! Maybe I should get a Darth Vader now and put it aside until they can play with it????

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