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Random Blankness

So after lots of meditation on it...well brooding more like, I think what I'm going to do is when I cool off call Scott and just say we need to have a talk, preferably face-to-face, and see if we can just put all our cards on the table and say what's what. I'm tired of playing games, and listening to Jim's and Andrew's various interpretations, as well as my own experience and knowing what Scott is like, I just know *something* is up but not sure what he honestly wants. Maybe he doesn't know either (most likely).

So I spent all day thinking about that at work. It was one of those annoying sorts of days where the computer is just outrageously slow and you yank handfuls of hair out in frustration, especially since I was in such a mood to begin with.

I am just so frustrated with my life today. I keep doing these job apps and hearing nothing back, and work is annoying, and my personal life tends to be on the crummy side most of the time. I never really recovered from my burn out in the winter, though at least I'm a healthy weight again, and am fighting to keep it that way. When I get upset I just don't eat, and well doing that too much is just bad. I've been doing better by "treating" myself to real lunch at work a few days a week and dorky things like that, which has mostly worked. At least I mostly stick with healthy foods (even those are more expensive, but well, y'know since I saw Supersize Me I just look at a McD's and think it's worse than crack!...yet still nummy....meh!!)

Well I'll be quiet now and try to be good. Wish me luck (I need it!)!

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