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What I did today

Was to checkout "Vanity Fair." Sure I should be encoding and stuff, but insomnia season is trying to kick in and I figure if I'm gonna be up I can either be making myself useful or reading.

And why make myself useful?

Pfft, stupid encoding. Grr argh.

So "Vanity Fair." Probably the most fun Victorian novel ever written. Minimum of starving children, abused innocents, and hangings. (Victorians. Yeesh. You think reality tv is bad, these people had yearly books detailing famous criminals and who they whacked and then when they were hanged. This may have been the beginning of compassionate conservatism, I dunno.)

And lemme tell ya: Becky ain't no Reese Witherspoon. She DID fuck the guy and she had a good time too! And like any sensible person, rather than eating a whole chili pepper and saying it was a nummy treat, she demanded a big glass of water NOW.

Hollywood. Oy.

The first time I read the book was back in late September of 2001. Reading about the War of 1812 and the aftermath of Waterloo (thousands dead, and thousands of families widowed and subsequently thrust into financial ruin) echoed 9/11 so much it made me wince throughout class. There was a lot of wincing then, but still.

In the meantime, there were Becky and Amelia and dictionaries tossed out of carriages and Dobbin being solid good guy and finally growing balls, plus charades, politics, and lots of mermaid imagery. Cos those are scary bad.

Execept when done by Disneywood in which case they are like Barbies and get married off at 16 and sing a lot. What. Ever.

Sure today I had class and work too, but the former was headachy and the latter blah. I think my classmates want to arrange some kind of walk out to protest the fact our prof hasn't a damn clue what she's doing (so neither do we).

In the meantime, I'm trying to organize the guys into seeing "Shaun of the Dead." Nothing like Brits and zombies to make everything better.

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