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Do ya feel....geeky? Do ya? Punk?

Star Wars Ep 1 is on tv tonight. It's still the sort of movie I felt so horribly betrayed over, except I'm getting so excited over the possibility Star Wars Ep 3 may truly be as redemptive as they say that I am tempted to watch it. Scott's talking me into going to see Ep 3 Thursday with some friends in Annapolis, as there is a digital theater there that will make the viewing better (or something...me must learn technology at some point).

Talked to Viva and Mike at the party Friday: the trip to Philly for Wizard World in June looks to still be happening. Even though Joss won't be there, it will be great to have some good geek fun, as well as a vacation of sorts from reality.

Sulk time: Still no job nibbles. Worried over my sister who had some kind of diabetic hemmorage that tore the retina in one of her eyes, which she is now mostly blind in. She has a doc's appointment tomorrow to find out whether or not laser surgery can do something to help it or if she'll just be half blind now. Mom's horribly tense over that, and other stuff, and called me this morning so I could tech talk her through making her printer work again and she just ended up crying and hanging up on me, so I've been feeling confused and shitty most of the day. On top of that is next weekend's graduation insanity that I'm still trying to work out the details of picking Mom up from the airport, getting her to her hotel, and then the general timeline of meeting people and graduation stuff, and yeah.

I'm pretty overwhelmed. I almost wish I was still in therapy, except I don't want to a) pay the large bill for it, b) take the time out of my other insanity to go deal with it, and well c) I'm a little twitchy about therapists anyway.

So, um, yeah, Darth Maul can't make matters worse, can he? Can he?

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