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Hump Day!

Wednsdays always seem extra long to me. And it was another gorgeous day mostly spent in the office. La sigh.

I did get to have some fun today and help a girl doing research. She, like others on ocassion, came up to me while I was plundering the stacks and wanted to know if I could help her. I don't really work "at" McKeldin but my office is there, and I usually try to help people who ask because, well, we all know what the "real" McKeldin librarians are like... Anyway she was really nice and happy that I helped her, in so far as I could--the book she wanted was lost at UMCP but I told her ILL could get it for her from Frostburg or Towson. So yeah, helping people is fun. :D

Anyhow, my friend Michielle from work is having a wedding shower tomorrow afternoon. Good thing she told me today, as, well, I missed that memo! It's so weird knowing people who are getting married and having babies and stuff! Even though they are still older than me, it's still weird that the people doing that are, y'know, my friends as opposed to my siblings' or something. Adulthood's funny that way, isn't it?

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