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Geeker Joy!!

I'm going to get to go see Sin City this weekend!!!! And with someone to geek with, yay!

It's a thing, I hate going to movies by myself. I've only ever done it like three times, back at UGA when we had the French Film Festival and my friend Mandy had class those nights. So I had to go see Amelie and Brotherhood of the Wolf--both of which turned out to be a couple of my favorite movies! Drove me nuts! And try explaining them to other people...

"Well, there's this woman, and she decides to do nice things for people, and she ends up kind of meeting this guy who collects photos..."


"Well, there's this guy in pre-Revolutionary France, and the king wants him to hunt down this critter killing the peasants, only it turns out there's a conspiracy, and then his sidekick is this Indian guy, and they both do kung fu..."

Um yeah. That's why going with people is better...

Anyhow, today was a long day, and tomorrow will be too. I'm going to the doc for an exam, make sure I'm in good working order while I'm still here and it's cheap, and then I have work, and to remember to chip in dollari for Sarah's baby shower, and call Realms of Fantasy because I haven't gotten the issue from two months ago but my subscription is good through 2006... (I haven't missed an issue since the early 90s, dammit), and then turn in my timesheet at work...

Tell me to go to bed now?

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