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You know what I miss about the country? All the animals. Today I got to say hello to a groundhog, some goats, some horsies, and a helluva lotta cattle. It was a beautiful day in the mountains, the kind where you can the moon most of the day, and the clouds hang low and thick and their shadows fall over the trees.

Went oot and aboot today. First of all I went to get Jim's birfday stuff. It's not as nice as I would've liked due to cash flow problems but I'm reasonably confident he will like it. And if he doesn't and he knows what's good for him he'll lie like a little dog and say he does anyway. ;) (Btw, I am totally in envy and awe over his tats. Wow. Wowee wow wow. 'Em are purdee.)

Went to my favorite pagan shop, The Enchanted Castle in Helen. I hadn't been there since summer and Karen, the owner, was all "Where have you been?" Um, Maryland. School and work and stuff. But they'd totally redone the upstairs part where they have all the books and magick supplies and it was so much more spacious and they'd gotten in loads of awesome new stuff. (Oh what I would do if I had money!) The main floor is all knick-knacks, angels, dragons, lotsa cool fairies (again with the money...and space *la sigh*)and so on and so forth. [Funny bit, most people just come in for the knick-knacks and don't really do the magick stuff, so when Karen was telling me about redoing upstairs a woman was all "what's upstairs?" and Karen said new age and metaphysics stuff, and the woman was all "huh?" Well I thought it was funny...] Had a fun conversation with Jason, one of the folks that works there, and he gave me some book recommendations and then talked with my Mom about his wedding plans--his Circle has a meeting place near where he lives and they're going to have a sort of Ren get-up and then get handfasted in the Circle, and that's just the most romantic thing ever, I think! (Yes I am a romantic squish of a ball, so what?) The weather being horrible yesterday, Karen and Gregg opted to handmake and bake some runes and she showed them to us, and it was very cool. And she said her cat was trying to "help" as they scattered the runes about, and she told him to pick one and he pulled out "Warrior." Aren't familiars fun that way! So yeah, we were there almost two hours, mostly talking, it was great. I wish I could find a place like that up in Maryland.

It's so funny that people can be more open about that sort of thing down in the Bible Belt. I told them I've been up north almost two years now and know like three pagans, whereas at UGA I knew lots. Jason said there's a lot up in Pennsylvania for some reason, but they all lay low. I don't get it, I mean ya don't have to yell it around at the top of your lungs, cos that's obnoxious no matter what you are, but I don't get being uber-secret about it, discrimination being illegal and all. I got the snot beat out of me in high school all the time, but the beauty of being an adult is not having to worry about that so much. I just find the idea of having to hide anything important like that repugnant and strange, and hope I'm never in a position where I feel I have to do that also.

Anyhow, tomorrow I am going to my Mom's old school tomorrow to volunteer with setting up the bookfair. I think that'll be fun, though I hope I don't have to see too many of my old teachers, cos god knows I loathed the public education with ever fiber of my being and pray if I ever spawn the lil weans won't have to go through that. And unfortunately, I was going to see my friend Mandy Friday but that's been scrapped because my sister and nephew will be visiting. Grr argh!

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