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The Luck of the Irish

Let's face it, who'd want it? These are people who consider two hundred years of constant fighting "the troubles."

I took a Kinkiness Test and only scored an 80%. WTF??!?!?! What do I have to do to get a 100, friggin' bloodplay? Yeesh. I am offended.

One of those days, in case you couldn't tell. Ran around all day, went to go buy regalia but they weren't there (no idea what's up with that...and I've emailed and we'll just have to see...grr argh...stupid websites too). And was desperately in need of caffeine before class, so of COURSE there was no time to pick up some coffee, and then the soda machines were broke, and yeah it was a damn long three hours!

So now I'm doing laundry and trying to get things sorted to go home tomorrow night. I'm taking my bag to LC and will go directly to the station afterwords. I'm going to miss the Easter feasting but my Mom's fixing a special minifeast for the weekend since I'm coming home--yay!

My aunt's condition doesn't really seem to have changed and I'm worried about dealing with that. I'd really like to just relax but I'll have to see about her and then of course my homeworky things...oh well. Such is life, and shit.

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