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Big Friday Night!

Of, um, Stargate, maybe. I dunno....I'm just all happy I can sleep in tomorrow! Hurrah!!

Today was an LC day. It was mostly spent doing in-processing where I do data-entry into the databases and yeah it really is as boring as it sounds. On the plus side, they'll be closed Monday because of Washington's birthday, so three-day weekend! Woo! (And there was grreat rejoicing, grreat rejoicing!)

In other news, Constantine is opening this weekend, and Salon likes it! They don't like much so I was all a-gawk, but now extra hopeful. (Of course, Salon jumped on the Hellboy train too, which I never got the point of...hmm...)

It's annoying how the cold has come back with a vengeance. WTF, it was like 60 on Tuesday and then today if it reached 30 it didn't even feel like it! And then Sunday there's the possibility of snow, which I don't mind so long as it's not a lot...I'm going to dim sum and would like to not slip and slide my way there. Ah well, I'm a tough lil birdie for a reason!

Anyhow, I plan to be constructive this weekend and seriously get down with resume-polishing and all that. And then as a reward maybe I can watch ROTK and *not* sleep through a gaping hunk of it. *G*G*

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