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Part One is here

Chief Medical Officer’s Log… The Captain is adjusting to his condition about as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Morale among the crew is unaffected, however; everyone respects Kirk’s abilities. His—her leadership is unquestioned.

There are so far no physiological complications. There may be psychological ones. Kirk seems uncertain—something I have seldom observed in his—her leadership. I hope her return to duty will restore her spirits.

Mister Scott and Ensign Chekov have been examining the Faradi machine. They have assured the Captain that they expect solid answers out of the damn thing by the time we get to the next starbase in a few weeks. In the mean time, we will be picking up Commander Spock—and, we have just been notified, Ambassador Selek as well.

“I hate dress uniforms,” Leonard gripes as he struggles with the numerous tiny buttons that line the inside flap of his tunic. He finishes the last one and is feeling pleased with himself, until he checks himself in the mirror and notices a small lump in the fabric. One of the little buttons was slid into the wrong loop. Great. He rolls his eyes and begins undoing the whole damn thing so he can start over again.

“You and me both,” Jim agrees. Her golden tunic falls halfway down her thighs, emphasizing her slim waist and the neat roundness of her breasts. She’s wearing pants—thank God, or Leonard would—he abandons that thought abruptly. Focus. Buttons. Focus.

“Yeah, well. You look good, Jim,” he says gruffly.

“Of course I do, Bones,” she says smugly. “There’s no outfit in the universe that can make a Kirk look bad!”

“And no situation that diminishes the Kirk ego, either.” Leonard surveys himself again. “Okay, I give up. This is as good as it’s ever gonna get. We ready to go?”

“Sure thing, Bones!” The two of them head to the shuttle bay where Shuttlecraft Galileo should be docking any second now, if it hasn’t already.

Just outside the bay area an honor guard of six security officers is neatly arrayed. Greg Harris, or Cupcake as Jim still likes to think of him sometimes, stands at the head of the line of them. When Kirk arrives he pulls out a small, old-style whistle and blows two high notes, one short and one long. “Commander Spock on board, sir!”

Spock steps through the bay doors in his standard uniform, followed closely by Ambassador Selek in his heavy Vulcan robes. Selek has a small half-smile on his face as he looks around. He and Spock see the Captain at the same moment, and except for the cause of their consternation Leonard would have found their twin expressions of astonishment hilarious. As it is, he takes a deep breath and offers them a proper Vulcan salute, as does Jim.

“Peace and long life, Ambassador,” Jim greets them. “How was the trip, Spock?”

“Uneventful, Captain,” says Spock. “It seems the mission to Farad was…less so.”

“That’s one way to put it,” says Leonard.

“It is a pleasure to see you again, Doctor McCoy,” greets the Ambassador.

Wish I could say the same, thinks Leonard. Jim is smiling at both of the other men, her look for Selek especially fond. Leonard knows all about Selek—how in another universe, another future, he is Spock, Jim’s closest friend, even lover. Leonard knows he has no reason to be jealous—but. He is all the same.

“Ambassador,” he says shortly, mustering up a smile of greeting.

Selek’s eyes flicker like he knows what Leonard is thinking. Hell, he probably does. But that little smile stays in place, nonetheless.

Spock is still regarding Jim, his head cocked to the side. Jim raises both of her eyebrows in question and he shakes himself slightly. “Apologies, Captain,” he says. “The journey has been long and the—differences are striking.”

Jim’s smile is in place but Leonard can see that its enthusiasm has faded. “No worries, Spock. Glad to have you back aboard.” She turns to Selek. “I’ll have one of my crewmen show you to your guest quarters. And I’d like to offer you dinner in my private mess this evening at 1800 hours.”

“I am honored, Jim,” says Selek.

“You too, Spock,” the Captain continues. “Have Lieutenant Uhura join us as well. We’ll have a little party while we talk about Rok-tor.”

Spock’s expression visibly lightens at the mention of Nyota. “I am sure she will be pleased as well, Captain,” he says with a brief incline of the head.

They exchange pleasantries for a few minutes longer, and then they separate to go their separate ways. Jim and Spock head to the bridge; Selek and a yeoman to the guest quarters; the security detail back to their other duties. Leonard starts for Sickbay, then changes his mind in the turbolift and goes to Cargo Bay Three instead.

There he finds Chekov fiddling at several computer banks. He turned eighteen about six months ago, but he still looks like a little kid playing with the best toys ever. Leonard knows he’s a scientific genius, and Hell, he’s even held his own in a fight or two this last year. But still.

“Doctor McCoy!” The kid startles, belatedly realizing that he’s there.

“Pay me no mind, Ensign,” says Leonard. “I just—Hell.”

“Ees the Captain alright, sir?” Chekov looks worried.

“He’s getting there, I think,” says Leonard. “But I’ll be damn glad when he’s back to himself.”

“ Ees only a matter of time, Doctor.” Chekov means to look reassuring, he thinks, but he looks twelve instead. “Don’t worry.”

“I know,” says Leonard. He thinks of Selek and Jim. “I know. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.”


At 1800 they are in the Captain’s mess: Jim, Leonard, Spock, Uhura, and the Ambassador. Rand coordinates with two other yeomen in serving food and drink, all of it well-prepared, delicious, and vegetarian. Obligatory pleasantries are exchanged, and when the entrees are served, talk turns to the matter on everyone’s mind: how the settlement of Rok-tor is faring.

“First Minister T’Pau faces a number of difficult decisions,” Selek says. “Though our numbers are few, there is still debate about a number of issues. There is the possibility of outlawing abortion of healthy fetuses, for instance; restricting women’s choices in favor of continuing the species. Various groups of Vulcans who were no where near the planet when the Narada attacked have been showing up periodically. And despite everything, the numerous splinter groups like the V’tosh ka’tur still face enormous amounts of, shall we say, prejudice.”

“The V’tosh ka’tur?” Leonard repeats, curious.

“They are a group of Vulcans who believe that emotion and logic can be balanced,” says Spock. “They are typically treated with disdain by our people.”

“Our brother Sybok is among them,” says Selek.

Everyone but Jim looks surprised at that; Jim just grimaces.

“You have a brother?” Leonard and Nyota ask Spock at the same time.

“Half brother,” says Spock, looking uncomfortable. “It…is a long story.”

“Has he gotten any visions from ‘God’ yet?” asks Jim.

“No,” says Selek. “We—had a lengthy conversation and we mind-melded. I believe that he may not come to the same end that he did in my universe.”

Leonard opens his mouth, then closes it again. He doesn’t want to know, he decides. “Do you ever get as confused about all this as I do, Nyota?” he asks Uhura instead.

“Oh just a bit,” she says with an arched eyebrow that says Oh honey, you don’t even know the half of it. Leonard nods back in complete understanding.

“I must apologize, my friends,” says Selek. He does look truly contrite. “I know this situation—the timelines—they aren’t fair to you all. Please believe me when I say I am doing my utmost to protect the Federation. And you.”

“It never occurred to us that you would do otherwise, old friend,” says Jim. She smiles at Selek and he smiles back at her in an almost fatherly fashion. Leonard thaws a little at that. Just a little.

“Although I am most fascinated with the differences that have occurred, I must say,” continues Selek. “I congratulate my counterpart on his current happiness,” he nods at Spock, who shares a tiny smile with Uhura, who glows back. “Though I must say that your current predicament is most astonishing, Jim.”

“Yeah, well. Thank God for some differences in the time line,” Jim says.

“Oh?” asks Leonard.

“In the other reality, women couldn’t become Captains until well after I had attained the rank. I turned into a woman under very different circumstances and—well, people thought I was insane. It was pretty ugly. I’m glad that’s not the case right now. This is difficult enough without having a mutiny on my hands as well!”

“Women couldn’t be captains in the alternate reality?” Uhura asks, offended and appalled.

“It took more years for women to attain that level of command, yes,” says Spock. “In many ways that reality was less advanced than this one, both socially and technologically. For instance, the Enterprise I served on looked quite similar to this one, but was technically less proficient. Your replicator and transporting technologies, for instance, are quite different as well.”

They are all quiet for a moment, contemplating the gulf between realities and time travel. Leonard is grateful for the lull in the conversation: frankly, talk of time travel gives him a headache. “Angels and ministers of grace defend us,” he murmurs darkly to himself.

“Amen,” says Selek, with another of his small smiles. Leonard glances up at him, confused for a moment. His confusion rattles Selek. “Apologies, doctor, but—being here with you all again…excuse me.” And he gets up and actually leaves for a minute.

“What did I do?” Leonard asks.

“You reminded him too much of his own past,” says Jim. She gives him a small smile, discomforted herself. “Imagine what it must be like for him, Bones. If a century from now you were to come back to this moment, when you hadn’t seen any of us for ages? It’s hard on him.”

Leonard blanches a little at that. Jesus fucking Christ. To be an old man, and see his friends, Hell, his lover as a bright-eyed youth? It would hurt like Hell. Poor bastard hobgoblin.

“The conference was difficult as well,” says Spock. “The Ambassador and I shared very similar experiences growing up. It is no easy thing to help our people when they—“ Nyota places a hand on his arm and he breaks off, glancing at her. They just look at each other for a moment. Leonard suspects they must be speaking telepathically, and looks away. He looks at Jim instead.

Jim hasn’t been eating much, he notices. Most of her food is still on her plate, just moved around. He squeezes her knee affectionately, and she looks up at him. He winks at her, then takes a bite of his own meal. She smiles at him and follows suit.

“I also understand that another diplomatic delegation will be sent to Farad II,” Spock continues a moment later. “Starfleet underestimated the resistance they would face regarding sending a sexually integrated diplomatic team. The new mission will involve an all-male diplomatic enclave.”

Uhura stiffens slightly. “Oh goody,” she says. “Well, at least they won’t have to worry about trying to translate from within a balrik.”

“They’re sending more diplomats?” Jim asks.

“Affirmative, Captain,” says Spock. “It is no reflection on you, of course,” he adds, as Jim has flushed slightly.

“Of course not,” she agrees too quickly.

That’s when Selek rejoins them. “Pardon me for that, my friends,” he says. “I fear I am not much company tonight. Perhaps we should conclude our evening earlier than planned.”

“Of course, Ambassador,” Jim says. They all stand up as Selek leaves, returning to his quarters. They linger a little longer, finishing their meals, but conversation is stilted and awkward. And Jim is still bothered. Leonard can tell.


When they get back to their quarters, Jim is in a mood. “I need to listen to some music,” she says. “Mind?”

“No,” says Leonard. He isn’t surprised when she puts on some Johnny Cash. “Guess Things Happen That Way” is the first song that plays. He sighs inwardly; when Jim plays Johnny that always means there is darkness involved. “Jim,” he says softly. She is shrugging into her regulation pajamas—a black tank top and black shorts. They hang loosely on her, the arm holes of the shirt exposing the sides of her breasts, the shorts low on her hips. When she looks up at him, her eyes shine with tears.

“I hate being this way, Bones,” she says miserably, “I hate it!”

Leonard’s heart aches at that. “Computer, turn off the music,” he commands, and then he takes Jim in his arms, holding her tightly. “Shh,” he says, “shh.” He strokes her cheeks, rubbing away the tears with his thumbs. “Shh, darlin’,” he says again. “It’s okay.”

“No, Bones, it’s not okay!” says Jim. “I failed, okay? They’re sending someone else to the Faradi, because I failed.”

“You didn’t fail, Jim,” Leonard says firmly. “Diplomacy usually needs more than one try to begin with. Stop blaming yourself because nothing is wrong, okay?”

But Jim is still crying, sniffling. “I don’t know why I’m like this, Bones,” she says. “I don’t know…”

“Shh,” he says. He kisses her softly, and she responds, her mouth opening beneath his. He’s suddenly aware of the warm woman in his arms, of her breasts against his chest, nipples hard under her shirt. She’s stopped crying. Her eyes are closed, peaceful-looking though still damp, and he smiles down at her, admiring her. He’s getting better at spotting the man he loves from within the womanly curves, and right now that peaceful, amorous look is all Jim Kirk. He chuckles to himself. Oh, Jim.

“What?” she asks, eyes opening to regard him. Her lips curve in a smile at his amusement, though.

“You’re just you,” he says. “I love you.” He kisses her nose. “Computer,” he says, “Play some music—Terran jazz this time. Start with “Ain’t Misbehavin’.” The computer chirps obediently and the catchy jazz classic begins to play. Privately, Leonard considers it one of the sexiest songs ever written, and Jim is well aware of his preference.

She laughs quietly. “You’re so weird, Bones,” she says.

“I know,” he says. He kisses her again, ardently now, and when she responds he draws her to the bed. “I want you to try something,” he whispers in her ear.

“What’s that?” she whispers back as he kisses a line from her mouth down her throat. “And why are we whispering?”

“Because I’m going to ask you to do something naughty,” he says teasingly, somewhere below her breasts. He takes the hem of her shirt into his teeth, pulling at it playfully.

“Oh?” She’s interested now, all fretfulness forgotten. Leonard smiles wider, pleased with himself.

“Mmhmm,” he says quietly. He’s licking at her exposed stomach now, mouthing gently at the peach fuzz of her belly.

“What are you thinking?”

Leonard stops his explorations, and looks at her intently. “Lights, fifty percent,” he orders, and the room dims accordingly. He kisses her mouth again, then teasingly nibbles her ear. “I want you to touch yourself,” he says directly into her ear. Her breath hitches. “I want you to make yourself come while I watch.”

He sits back, feeling pleased with himself. Jim is flushed with arousal, hair mussed. She’s beautiful and excited and he can’t wait for what’s next. “Go on, then,” he says. Waiting patiently for her to begin.

Jim looks at him, swollen lips amused. “Alright then,” she says. “But you have to touch yourself, too. And you can’t come, you have to watch me, and then you have to fuck me,” she directs firmly.

“Damn, darlin’,” Leonard says, drawing out his low drawl in the way he knows Jim likes. “But done.”

“Hmm.” Jim makes a satisfied sound, then she backs away from him, scooting away a little so that she can give him a good show. She begins caressing her breasts through her shirt, squeezing them hard. She keeps her eyes on his, watching him as he watches her. She slowly pulls her shirt off, then starts rolling her breasts in her hands, drawing her thumbs across the aureoles of her nipples, then squeezing their erect nubs. “You’re not doing anything, Bones,” she says.

“I’m watching,” he replies, but he takes her hint and pulls off his shirt, running his hand across the bulge of his trousers. He quickly strips down to his boxers, then rejoins her on the bed.

“What are you thinking?” she asks huskily. She licks one finger and then touches her left nipple, leaving a wet trail on her breast.

“I’m thinking you’re unelievably gorgeous right now. And unbelievably hot,” Leonard says truthfully. “And I’m thinking you need less clothes on. Soon. Now, preferably,” he adds with a short nod at her.

She grins that smug Jim Kirk grin and obediently removes her panties and her shorts. She is wet, the curls between her legs flattened in arousal. She slowly runs her right hand down her flat stomach to the place between her legs, separating the folds of her sex to show him her pearl. It glistens against her damp flesh, even in the low light—that’s how turned on she is. He exhales heavily, and he can feel his own arousal, his erection hard and straining against his underwear.

“Touch yourself for me, darlin’,” he says. “I want to see you make yourself come.”

Jim makes an agreeable sound as she begins to play with her clit. She runs a single finger over the hood of it, then circles it. She fumbles slightly, shaking a little with pleasure. Her expression is thoughtful, as if analyzing unfamiliar pleasures.

It occurs to Leonard that this is the first time he’s ever watched a woman truly touch herself for the first time, and that makes him harder. And because it’s Jim, it’s even more compelling… He hisses softly as he rubs himself through his shorts. He slides them off, then, taking his cock in his hand. His erection is heavy; he lets his fingers play lightly over the seeping head. “Fuck, Jim,” he says in fervent admiration as she continues to touch herself, writhing on the bed before him.

“Soon, love,” she says back. She moves her fingers from her sex back to her breasts, leaving damp trails as she pulls at her nipples. “God, this is so fucking hot!” Her hand moves back to her sex and begins working faster now, and then she cries out. “Bones!”

“Jim darlin’,” he says in response, and then he’s kissing her, his hand on her wet sex. She’s still quivering from her orgasm. He rolls her swollen clit in his fingers gently as she whimpers, then slips an exploratory finger into her channel. It goes in easily; he slips in a second, and then a third, before taking them out again.

“Fuck me already, Bones,” Jim says, kissing him hard. “I need you!”

“I know,” he says. He pulls her into his lap, then slips himself into her. He goes in easy, fast. She hisses softly, looking down at him. They are both sweaty and slick with pleasure. Her knees are on either side of him, and she pulls herself up experimentally. He takes her by the hips, guiding her slowly: up, down, up, down…

“Bones!” she says again, and then his mouth is biting one of her nipples while he runs his fingers through her hair. They don’t last that long—he’s too excited, both from Jim’s show and from the sheer pleasure of being inside her heat, and he comes in minutes. Jim looks down at him fondly when he comes back to himself. He’s breathing heavily, and he kisses the place between her breasts.

“Shit, Bones,” Jim says, “you sure know how to distract a girl.”

“I aim to please,” Leonard says, and kisses her again. He stays in her a moment as his erection fades, content. Then he gently pulls her down beside him, slipping out of her.

“God,” she says softly, as he kisses her closed eyes, her nose, her lips.

“Thanks for the faith, Jim,” Leonard says, “but I assure you, I ain’t the Almighty.”

She laughs at that, hard. “Oh fuck,” she says fondly, stroking his face. “What would I do without you, Bones?”

“God only knows,” Leonard says. He smiles at Jim, knowing he needs her as much as she needs him. “Luckily, I don’t think we’ll ever have to find out.”

“No?” she says, her mood sober now. Her mouth twists. “We’re out here in space—“ she starts.

“Jim,” he says, forestalling that line of thought, “you and I are far safer together, wherever we are, than we ever would be separated.”

“Yeah,” Jim says, “Yeah.” But she’s subdued again, and Leonard sighs as she goes to get a shower. He lies in their bed, rubbing his eyes, wondering whether to get one himself or to wait ‘til morning, when he hears a startled cry from the bathroom. “Ah! Bones?!”

“I’m comin’,” he says, darting in quickly. He’s not sure what he is expecting or afraid of, but he doesn’t find it. Instead, Jim is sitting on the toilet, astonished, looking down into her panties.

“I’m bleeding?” she asks blankly. He looks where she does, and sees the small, red-brown stains on her white panties.

Leonard gives her a small smile, his heartrate returning to normal. “Congratulations, Jim,” he says softly. “You are now a woman.”


Bones shrugs into his blacks and goes to the Commissary to get a box of tampons. Jim curls up on the bed, waiting for him to return. Her stomach hurts a little—she’s not sure if it’s from the cramps or her own reaction to her new biology.

The blood she found creeps her out more than a bit. Jim made up her mind when she was a teenager that she was never going to be a parent—she didn’t want any kid to risk growing up like she did. As a man, she was always scrupulously careful with birth control and protection. She knows that David Marcus, her son in another future, was never even at risk of being conceived in this timeline. And for the first time, she feels a bit regretful of that.

She loves watching Bones with Joanna. The way his eyes follow his little girl around like she is his own private sun. The way he bends down to tie her shoelaces, or the way he plays football with her so carefully. As a man, Jim can’t offer him more children, but as a woman? She could. Could grow a baby inside of her, give birth to a tiny creature half him, half Bones…

That would be some kid, too. Jesus. Jim’s genius, Bones’s calm, Jim’s adventurous spirit, Bones’s patience… Man. Bones’s dark hair, Jim’s electric blue eyes…

Jim swallows, regarding her flat belly thoughtfully. She imagines life growing there, distending her physical shape. Okay…that would be weird. But Hell, no more weird than this is…

“I’m back!” Bones says as he enters. He hands her the box. “Do you, uh, need help with those?”

“I don’t think so,” says Jim. “How hard could it be? Besides, what do you know about inserting these?”

Bones shrugs. “Not much,” he says. “Jocelyn was the only woman I ever lived with, and she preferred pads.”

“Alrighty then” Jim says quickly, and goes into the bathroom. She expects this to be a simple matter, but to her own consternation ends up studying the short instruction booklet instead.

“Shit, Bones,” she says loud enough to be heard through the door. “What the Hell is up with this toxic shock warning?”

“They’re approved by the Federation Food and Drug Admin, Jim,” Bones yells back. “They’re perfectly safe!”

“Jesus Christ, I’m starting to get this whole hating the patriarchy thing,” Jim mumbles to herself. It takes her a couple of tries, and a balancing act with one long leg perched on top of the toilet, but she finally gets the thing inserted. It is uncomfortable and takes some getting used to. Well what else is new?

She leaves the bathroom to find that Bones has ditched his blacks and is back in their bed. He looks calm and beautiful and wonderful. She admires him for a moment, his sheer physical beauty coupled with the sweetness and brilliance she knows he also possesses. God, Bones. She swallows and decides to ask him about what she was contemplating herself earlier.

“Bones?” Jim is nervous, but she forges on with the words she has already prepared in her head. “Have you thought of how things could be if I, y’know, stayed like this?”

“Not really,” Bones says. He’s half covered under the bedclothes, skin still flushed and gleaming from their earlier activities. “I like you just the way you are. Were. You know what I mean. Why do you ask?” He looks at her curiously.

Jim rolls her eyes. She feigns calm and ease, but she can feel heat suffusing her cheeks and joins him in the bed, burying her face in a cool pillow. She looks up at him, suddenly feeling unbelievably shy. “Well, duh, Bones. I’m thinking about the future, y’know? If I stayed like this we could, y’know, have babies the good old-fashioned way and all. And stuff.” Damn. So much for being articulate.

Bones sighs, and draws her to him. “Jim, you damn fool,” he says gruffly, as she cuddles close. “I love you. I love you whether you’re a man or a woman. I have one daughter already, but if we want more kids? We can adopt, we’ll figure something out. But the most important thing to me is that you’re happy.” He kisses the top of her head. “If you stay this way, I’ll love you and we’ll always be together. And if you’re back to your usual obnoxious self, I’ll love you and we’ll always be together. So.”

Jim is mostly relieved, but a small part of her is disappointed. Only a small part, though: she really doesn’t know if she could handle the whole motherhood thing, much as she would like to think she could. “I love you, Bones,” she says instead.

“I know, kid.” He rolls her under him, kissing her thoroughly, mouth sliding down the column of her throat, down the place between her breasts, to her flat stomach. He places a soft kiss there, right below her belly button. “Thanks for the thought, though. I know that can’t have been something easy to offer.”

“It wouldn’t be easy,” Jim says. “Hell, I think…I even know…I wouldn’t be a good parent. But—“

“I think you’d be a fine parent, Jim,” says Bones. “I know you’ve gotta be thinking of something in that alternate reality, but let me just say: You aren’t that other Jim, Jim. I know he was a great man, and all, but I think you’re better.”

Jim smiles at that. “You’re biased,” she says, but she is warmed nonetheless.

“Damn right, I’m biased,” says Bones. “I’m also right.” He kisses her again, on the mouth, then shifts them both so that they are spooning together. “Now let’s get some sleep.”


Jim sleeps badly that night. She keeps getting up to use the bathroom, not remotely used to the sensation of bleeding from within, the feel of it trickling out of her in the night. The hot wriggly sensation of it makes her feel ill, too, and 0600 comes way too early for her liking. If she got more than a couple of hours of sleep, she’d be surprised.

She dresses in a smaller version of her accustomed uniform, black slacks and golden tunic, while Bones is in the shower. She sits on the edge of the bed sleepily while he shaves, and then they go to the Captain’s mess where Rand awaits them.

“Morning, sir,” her Yeoman says, all business.

“Morning, Rand,” she says in response.

Rand blinks at him, unaccustomed to his shortness. Usually Jim is a morning person, cheerfully chatting away. Today she holds her coffee mug, sipping at it slowly. “Is, uh, everything alright, sir?” Rand asks.

“It’s fine. I’m a perfectly healthy adult human female,” Jim says darkly.

“With cramps,” Bones adds, picking up his own coffee. Jim darts a glare at him. “Let me go get a hypo for that,” he says, and disappears out the doors quickly. He takes his coffee with him.

“I’d say something snarky, but I’m far too empathic,” says Rand. She gives Jim a small smile. “Here, boss,” she continues, handing her several PADDs. “The first two are requisition manifests for when we get to Starbase Nine—you just need to initial them. The third one is a shore leave rotation schedule; you should probably skim it before signing it. The last one is Ambassador Selek’s report on the Rok-tor Conference—that one you only have to read.”

“Thanks, Yeoman,” she says, and begins her work. Rand serves her a plate of hashed potatoes and poached eggs, and on most mornings she would all but inhale it. She picks at it absently today, and it’s mostly a mess on her plate by the time Bones is back.

“Here you go,” he says softly, pressing the hypo with unaccustomed gentleness just below her ear. She winces slightly at the pressure of the drugs entering her through her skin. He strokes her hair softly for just a second, and then he’s next to her with his own plate of food.

Kirk hands Rand the first three PADDs, all with her signatures. “Thank you, sir,” Rand says. “Can I get anything else for you, Captain?”

“That’ll be all, Yeoman,” Jim says. “Thank you.”

Rand disappears and the two of them continue their breakfast. Jim starts to feel a bit better with the drugs in her system, and she eats some more of her eggs and potatoes. “Is this pity food, Bones?” she asks. Normally they have healthy granola cereal or whole bran muffins during the week days. Breakfasts like this are usually reserved for Sundays or special occasions; hardly workday fare.

“You need more protein right now, Jim,” Bones answers seriously. “Vitamins, too, so drink your orange juice as well.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Jim says obediently.

Bones gives her a sour look.


“Nothin’,” he says. “It’s just I tend to worry whenever you say ‘Yes, Doctor.’”

“You’re getting paranoid, old man,” Jim says. She pats him on the back as she leaves. “See you tonight.”

Her shift on the bridge passes by quietly; she spends most of it reading the Rok-tor conference proceedings. She reads it over several times, looking for the subtext of Selek’s remarks. The Vulcan survivors face numerous challenges, all right: and a lot of them are from within. While most of the population wants to focus on rebuilding and continuing the species, a not inconsiderable population is--angry. And they want vengeance on Romulus, despite the fact that the Romulan Star Empire is hardly to blame for a mad renegade from over a century in the future.

She meets with Spock at lunch to discuss it further. “What’s your reading on all this, Commander?” she asks. “Off the record.”

Spock is thoughtful, his lips pursed. “On the record, sir,” he begins carefully, “Commander Spock wishes to tell Captain Kirk that he—is unsettled by the tumult he observed on Rok-tor. And that Starfleet should be aware of the political situation and ready for anything.” More quietly, he continues. “Off the record, Spock thinks Jim should know that he heard rumors of an underground group called the Reshan. Their name means ‘anger,’” he clarifies. “I could uncover no more than that, but my Father informed me of them. Their name is spoken quietly among the young males of our people. But they are only rumors, and I’m not certain what to make of them.”

Jim whistles softly. “It sounds…damn near like a civil war is coming, Spock,” she says. “Shit.”

“Agreed,” says Spock.


When she goes off-shift, Jim feels antsy as all Hell. She’s tired, unfamiliar muscles sore, and she goes to her quarters to take a hot shower. Afterwards she isn’t calmed, and she remembers that Bones said he was going to be working late to finish his own requisitions manifest for Sickbay materials when they get to the Starbase. So she’s on her own for a few more hours yet. Sighing to herself, she puts on her off-duty blacks and goes to the gym.

There’s a handful of people in there, including Harris. Jim pauses, thinking. What would really help right now, she thinks, would be a good sparring session. But in this body… She’s lighter and smaller than she used to be. And if she has at least a month still to go as a woman, she should probably learn to fight like one. Taking a deep breath and putting on her usual expression of careless confidence, she jogs up to Greg.

“Hey!” she says to him, beaming cheerfully. “How’s it going?”

Greg Harris is a really big guy, she notices up close. She always knew that, but…shit. Her head comes up to just above his nipple line now. He’s wearing a light grey tshirt and grey sweats and he’s working with the weight equipment. He’s not even sweating, either. He looks at her oddly when she speaks, then he blinks, thrown off. “Er, hi, Captain. Sorry, I—I’m not used to seeing you like this yet.”

“You and me both, Harris,” says Jim. “Look, um, could you do me a favor? Maybe? You can totally say no if you want to, but I’d really appreciate it if you said yes.”

“Yes,” says Greg. His voice hesitates, awkward. “I mean, sure. Captain. Um. What do you want again?”

“You do those fighting classes for women and non-field personnel,” she says. “Can you give me some private lessons while I’m like this?” She gestures at her body. “I’m having to relearn everything. I don’t want to have to relearn how to fight when I’m actually in one on a planet somewhere.”

“Yeah, that makes sense,” says Greg. “I get that. Sure. When d’you want to start?”

“Do you have any time right now?”

“Yeah, sure.” Greg gets up and puts his weights up quickly. Each of them is half the size of Jim’s torso right now. She marvels at the size and strength of the man, shaking her head in bemusement. How do he and Pavel even…? I don’t want to know. She breaks that line of thought off abruptly and follows Greg as he leads her to several mats nearby. They are dark red, thick and heavy; they are made to cushion hard falls while people work out. “Warm up,” says Greg. “Let me see you get in sparring rhythm.”

Jim gives him a small smile, feeling bad that she ever thought ill of the man. Cupcake is a completely different person with women and with people smaller than him—well, people smaller than him who aren’t acting like jackasses, she amends. She promptly begins loosening her body, moving her feet and hopping slightly in the practiced movements of a boxer. This is the first time she’s done this since her transformation a few days before.

“Ack!” she says, surprised as she almost trips.

“Careful,” says Greg. He catches her, big hands on her shoulders, gentle and impersonal. He rights her then steps back, regarding her solemnly. “You’re still adjusting to your new center of balance,” he says. “It’s in a different place in women than in men. Lower. Here, close your eyes and stand in place. Try to feel where it is.”

Jim closes her eyes obediently, shifting slightly to experiment. She’s aware of the weight of her breasts on her chest, of the slight pull on her lower spine. She opens her eyes. “It…feels like its in my lower back somewhere?” she asks.

Greg nods. “Okay. Close enough. Now start moving again, but keep that in mind.”

Jim begins to warm up again, hyper-aware of that place in her back now. She seems to move better this time, not falling at least. “Okay,” she says after a minute, “I think I’ve got it now. What next?”

“Okay, then,” says Greg. “First thing you gotta learn is all the things that won’t work. Groin kicks, for instance. They always show those on vids, but, well, you know already, Captain—guys protect that area. First thing you should do is just get the Hell away to begin with, and let guys like me try to take care of it.” He gives her a small smile. “Now if me or someone else gets put out of commission, and you can’t get away, or you’re caught like this—“ He’s in her space now, arms around her in a parody of a hug. “—Then you’ve gotta break the hold. If you can get both of your hands free, you should stick your thumbs in their eyes. If you can get only one arm free, try to get your elbow in the attacker’s throat; that’ll crush their windpipe, or at least surprise them enough that they’ll drop you so you can get away.”

He backs away from her, looking at her seriously. “The other thing you wanna do is keep in mind that your bones are smaller now, too. So when you’re punching someone, remember that. You’re just not gonna do as much damage, and it will hurt you more, too.”

“This…is really depressing,” Jim says honestly.

Greg nods. “It’s not fair, but it’s the way it is. Now, if you were doing this for the long term, I’d suggest weight training to bulk you up some. More muscle adds some more padding as well as strength, so you could last longer in a fight then. But right now your best weapon is gonna be your speed—if you’re faster, you can get away so you’re not stuck in a fight to begin with, or if you are in a fight you might be able to surprise ‘em enough that you can get away. So let’s practice for real now.”

And they do. They start off easy, and two hours later Jim is sore but pleased with herself. They’ve worn gloves so they aren’t marked, but if they hadn’t been Cupcake would have some nice scores on him. She’s breathing hard and they’re both sweaty.

“Thanks, Harris,” she says. “I appreciate it.”

“No problem, Captain,” he says. “Pasha runs experiments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you wanna make this a usual thing for a couple of weeks.”

“Yeah,” says Jim. “Yeah, I will.” She grins at him, a real Jim Kirk grin. “You’re a good guy, Harris. You know that?”

To her surprise, Greg flushes a deep red. “That’s what Pasha is always telling me,” he says.

Jim smiles at him. “Pasha is right,” she says, and pats him on the back. “See ya Thursday evening, Harris.”


Jim feels contented and pleased with herself all the way to her quarters. She showers again, soaping off the sweat and luxuriating in the heat on her muscles. She glances down, looking at the pink water where it is spiralling down into the drain. She scrubs between her legs, too, then, and it becomes darker as dried blood is washed away.

Does being a woman always mean being bloody? she wonders, disturbed at the thought. Hell, this was the easy part of being female. She imagines being some place else, like Farad II, maybe, where she wouldn’t be protected by cultural mores against violence and sexual violence. She shudders. Tarsus IV was the worst thing she’d ever experienced, watching people starve, be executed, die. She’d prostituted herself to survive then.

She flinches from the memories. How differently it would have been if she’d been a twelve year old girl, then. The act as a male had been cursory, brief. Her first time had been with some man—forty something she estimated. She hadn’t looked at his face, hadn’t wanted to know who she was fucking. They just went into an alley, and a half hour later she walked out with a burning ass, a bad taste in her mouth, and a bag with two loaves of bread in it.


Compared to her “first time” with Bones the other night… She smiles to herself, warming at the thought. Bones has always been a gentle man, but he was going out of his way to be more so with her that night. There’s this one part of me that wants to protect you and take care of you right now, and there’s this other part of me that wants to fuck your brains out, he’d said.

Yeah, that was Bones all over, wasn’t it? Gentle and passionate all at once.

She gets out of the shower and dries off, and is putting on her blacks when Bones comes in, looking rumpled and grumpy as well.

“Rough day at the office, dear?” she asks sweetly. He does a double-take at that, then laughs.

“You could say so,” he says. “I spent a couple of hours in a conference call with Doctor Eve Sedgwick—she specializes in Gender Xenophysiology and will be meeting us at Starbase Nine in a few weeks for your—Hell, what do you want to call it even? It’s not a sex change exactly. Sex return?”

“Sex return makes it sound like I went shopping and then decided it didn’t fit,” Jim says. Her lips quirk at that and she laughs despite herself. “Not exactly accurate, but…”

“Yeah,” says Bones. “Anyway, I talked to her for a while, and she’s pretty optimistic about everything, Jim. So—you didn’t have to worry before but now you really don’t have to worry. We’ll have you back to your usual self in a few weeks.”

“Yay,” says Jim. Looks down at the floor, feeling awkward. She knows she should feel relieved, but—

“Yay?” Bones sits next to her, concerned, and puts an arm around her shoulders. “What’s the matter, Jim? Talk to me.”

“I don’t know,” she says. “I think I’m just tired. Hormones, too, maybe? And I was working out with Harris tonight. I asked him to show me some self-defense moves while I’m still a woman. And—and I guess I always knew it was different for women, but it just hit me tonight. It’s hard, Bones!”

Bones smiles and pulls her down on the bed. “Jim Kirk, Gender Crusader,” he says softly, kissing her ear. “Gotta admit, it has a ring to it.”

Jim makes a rude sound. “Cut it out, Bones, I’m serious!”

“I know you’re serious, Jim. I was teasing—I’m sorry if I sounded unkind.” Bones is truly apologetic. “There are a lot of things unfair in this universe. I know you want to solve the universe’s problems. Hell, most of the time I actually believe you will.” He smiles at her, and Jim thaws at that. “So you’ve added something new to the list? That’s good. And there’s a lot you can do. But you should also know—some things you can’t change. Big men fighting, Hell, hurting small women—there’s laws of physics involved there, Jim. Scotty can break those, but most of the populace can’t. So.”

“So,” says Jim. “Shit.”

Then: “Yellow Alert! Captain Kirk to the bridge!” Alarms are going off.

“The Hell?” says Bones, and they are already moving.

On the bridge, Uhura is listening at her console and Spock gets out of the Captain’s chair when he sees Jim.

“It’s the Faradi, Captain,” says Spock as Jim sits in her chair, all business now. She’s still in her off-duty civvies; she didn’t take the time to change. Everyone is calm, though. Professional. Cool but curious.

“They are hailing us,” says Uhura.

“Viewscreen, now,” commands Jim. Minister Chertain’s visage appears, looking sour as ever. “This is Captain James T. Kirk, as you know, Minister,” says Jim. “What can we do for you?”

Chertain ignores her. “Federation vessel, you should be aware that we were not fooled by your pathetic attempts at sedition. We will never bow before you! You will bow before us!”

“What are you talking about?” Jim asks. “We can assure you, there were no ulterior motives to our diplomatic overtures. We are a peaceful society and wish only to—“

“Silence, female!” Chertain growls.

“No, you be silent!” declares Jim, leaping out of her chair in anger. “You met me as a man, and that wasn’t good enough. You meet me now as a woman, and are offended. It seems to me that nothing is diplomatic enough for you, though God knows we’ve been unstinting in our efforts to meet you half way every time. Well to Hell with that! Now you tell me, right now, Minister, what the Hell is your issue?”

Minister Chertain stares at her. “You speak with honor now. Like a proper man. We respect that. We will meet with your delegation. Peaceful journeys to you.” He nods at them, and the signal is cut.

“They’re leaving,” says Sulu, astonished. They all watch as the Faradi vessel disappears in a flash of light, the after effects of going to warp.

“Call off the Yellow Alert,” Jim says, and the alarms turn silent. “What do you make of that, Spock?” she asks.

Spock lifts a single eyebrow. “I believe that in the Human vernacular, you showed yourself to be the, ah, Alpha male. Apparently, it’s what they’ve been waiting to see all along.”

“Unbelievable,” says Jim, slumping into her chair with astonishment. Something like victory flutters in her chest and she begins to smile. “Un. Be. Lievable.”

“Indeed, Captain,” Spock agrees.


Jim stays on the bridge for a few more hours, just in case. Then she finally gives up and goes to the mess for a belated dinner, before heading back to their quarters. Bones is there, dozing on their bed, fully clothed. He stirs when Jim comes in.

“Sorry, love,” she apologizes. “Did you have dinner?”

“I ate at my desk tonight. You?”

“Just a bit ago.” She sighs, crawling into bed and wrapping herself around him. “What a day.”

Bones chuckles at that. “What a day,” he echoes. “What a week. Month. Year.”

Jim chuckles at that. “Decade, century, millenia,” she answers.

Bones holds her tightly. “Hush now,” he says, and they go to sleep.


The next two weeks are largely quiet, but Jim keeps to her scheduled appointments with Harris. The knowledge of being able to take care of herself in this new body, should she need it, comforts her. And of course, Bones’s continued affections both emotional and physical help keep her steady.

She meets with Selek twice more before they rendezvous with the Yorktown, which picks him up to take him to his next conference—this time with the Romulans on the edge of the Neutral Zone.

“Are you sure about this?” she asks him the night before he is scheduled to leave. “The Romulans are—“ She breaks off. Frankly, what little she knows about the Romulans is colored by Nero, who was hardly representative.

“You forget, Jim,” says Selek, “I met with Romulans for over two decades trying to reunify them with Vulcan. I’ll never know if it would have worked. I like to think my efforts would have been successful, of course, but.” He shrugs. “And they have heard of the Narada, and of course saw what it did to the Klingon Empire as well as Vulcan itself. They will need convincing, and a show of good faith. But I do believe that they will come to see that peace with the Federation will be of value to us all.”

“You, sir, are an optimist,” Jim declares.

Selek gives a short bark of laughter. “I believe I prefer the phrase ‘enlightened cynicism,’ Jim,” he says. “The Federation began increasing the speed of their technological and military developments after the Kelvin Incident. We’ve had twenty-five years of exponential growth and they—have not. The Klingons are angry after the destruction of their armada; their growth has halted so that they can become what they once were. No, the Federation is the top power, right now, and the Romulan Empire will see that peace with the Federation will, in fact, be in their best interest.”

“You really think they’ll take the long view like that?”

“Do you really think they have a choice?” Selek regards her solemnly. “They are short-sighted, but not stupid. They will always come to the correct decision, sooner or later. It is the only logical outcome.”

“Logic, huh?” Jim is dubious. “Good luck with that.”

“Thank you, Jim,” says Selek. “As you would say, I believe I need all the luck that I can get.”


With Selek gone, it’s a few days more, and then they are finally at Starbase Nine.

Jim beams aboard the Starbase, accompanied by Bones, Scotty, and Chekov. Dr. Sedgwick is a small woman, and she grins at Jim with a delight that discomforts him. “Oh this is so exciting!” she says. “You must let me interview you for my research!”

“Of course,” Jim says. “I’d be happy to.” Jim smiles pleasantly, but nonetheless dislikes feeling like a lab experiment. He says as much to Bones when they are in their quarters later.

“I hardly think she views you like that, Jim,” says Bones dryly. “Be reasonable!”

“I am reasonable,” she says. She’s also nervous and pacing.

“Relax, love,” Bones says softly, taking her in his arms. “It’s okay, alright? It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay, Bones,” Jim says. She speaks at barely above a whisper. “I’m scared, Bones, alright? I’m scared.”

“There’s nothing to be scared of, Jim,” Bones says, his voice as low as hers. “I promise. You’ll be fine.”

“It’s not that—not that, exactly. I’m scared of what will happen with us, now.”

“With us,” Bones says blankly. “Why do you think that?”

“I don’t know,” Jim says. “It’s just—I just feel that way. I mean, it’s all been so weird, and, and—“ Jim breaks off, then finally blunders on, not looking directly at him. “I’ve—I’ve always thought you didn’t really like men. That that was why it took so long for us to be together.”

“Jim, darlin’,” Bones says firmly. “You’re an idiot.”

“Wha--?” Jim stares at him.

“Jim, it took me so long to come to you because I was a fool, and I was scared of being hurt. And I kept waiting for you to say you wanted me, too.” Bones laughs. “So. There.”

“And you don’t like me better as a woman? Really?” Jim is dubious.

“I like you, Jim. I’ve told you that. I wish you’d believe me.” Bones exhales softly. “Man or woman, I love you.” He pauses. “Now if you turned into a gelatinous cube? I might have some issues with that. But otherwise, I’m always going to love you. So calm down.”

He kisses her then, ardently, and Jim finds herself reassured at his word and his touch. A familiar warmth begins building in her. And then an idea occurs to her.

“I want to try something, Bones,” Jim says. She licks his neck teasingly, and he groans softly.

“Oh?” he says. “What’s that?”

“I want us to make love our—our accustomed way,” she says. She looks into his eyes, wondering what he will make of that. She loves his eyes, the dark hazel of them, the way they kind of glow when he’s aroused or affectionate, like he is right now.

“You mean—“ He says, understanding dawning. His face is interested, followed by a flicker of doubt. “It won’t be the same. You know that, right, Jim? Women don’t have prostates. You won’t enjoy it as much.”

“Will you enjoy it?” she asks. She bites his lip, pressing her body against his.

“I always enjoy you, Jim,” Bones says softly. He rubs her back reassuringly. “But I want you to feel good, too.”

She laughs softly. “I don’t think you’d leave me hanging, even if I’d planned on it,” says Jim. “But I want to know. Call it—scientific curiosity. I’ll even write a paper on it one day, promise.”

Bones laughs at that. “Exhibitionist. Just don’t have accompanying illustrations, okay?”

“Okay,” she says. “I promise.” Bones kisses her again, then draws her down to the bed. He pulls her shirt up above her breasts, caressing them gently. Jim sighs with pleasure.

“I think I’m going to miss these,” she says as he suckles one of her nipples. “They’re more sensitive than my normal ones.”

“More decorative, too,” Bones says. He bites one playfully, pulling at the breast lightly. Jim hisses with both pleasure and pain.

Bones pulls her tank top off, then her shorts and panties. She’s damp already, and he slides one finger into her, moving it firmly as she bucks against his hand in excitement. He slips in a second, and then a third, bringing her to the brink of orgasm, then backing off.

“Bones!” she cries out in frustration.

“Patience, Jim,” he says with a calm he doesn’t feel. He’s still clothed, and he begins to remedy that. “Talk to me, darlin’,” he says while undressing. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“I want you to fuck me,” says Jim. She watches him avidly as he takes off his shirt, his pants. His boxers are tented with his arousal. Her body is flushed, pink spots dappling her body like rose petals with hers.

“And?” he prompts as he opens the drawer of their nightstand, taking out the lube and the condoms. “Keep goin’, darlin’. Tell me exactly what you want.”

“I want your cock,” she says bluntly. “I want it in me.”

“Where do you want it in you?” he asks. He’s rolling the condom over his erection now. Jim feels herself liquefying in heat and physical hunger.

“Pussy first, then ass,” she instructs. She uses unaccustomed vulgarity to make her point clear. “Can we do that?”

Bones laughs. “It might kill me, Jim, but yeah. Yeah we can do that.” And then she’s on her back and he’s at her entrance, thrusting inside. Jim cries out as he fills her, moves firmly, slowly, and then she’s coming almost immediately. Bones pulls out of her, then, and she makes a small sound of complaint.

“This is what you asked for, Jim,” he says. “Unless you want to change your mind?”

Jim swallows, and shakes her head. “No, I—Keep going, Bones,” she gasps. “Please.”

Bones is pulling off the condom, replacing it with another. He squeezes some lube into his hands and massages his cock, which strains heavily with need. “It’ll be easiest if you put a pillow under yourself, Jim.” He eyes her. “Maybe two,” he amends.

Jim does so, heart in her throat, body suffused with heat. She’s a little nervous, but she feigns calm. Then Bones’s hands are slipping under her, preparing her, and she tilts back a bit to allow him easier access. He slips one lubed finger into her, moving experimentally.

“Ugh, it’s tight!” she gasps.

“Mmhmm,” says Bones. “You’re still sure?”

“I want to know what it’s like,” Jim maintains. She looks directly in his eyes, daring her to argue with her some more. He doesn’t.

“Alright then,” he says. “Lean back.” He guides her torso down, lifting her ass higher up. She feels a bit like a doll, but trusts him implicitly. She feels his lubed cock at her nether entrance, and then he’s pushing in slowly, so slowly it’s killing her. She doesn’t say anything though, just concentrates on breathing, and then he’s all the way in; she can feel his testicles bumping her skin.

“Oh God, Bones,” she groans. “Fuck, it’s tight!”

“Are you okay, Jim?” He’s covering her face in kisses. “Say the word, I’ll stop, I’ll—“

“Fuck me,” she says instead, and he kisses her hard, before burying his face in her shoulder as he moves. Carefully and slowly at first, murmuring endearments into her ear, endearments that quickly turn to profane cries of exultation.

Jim closes her eyes tightly, willing herself to remember this: all of it.

It is different than their lovemaking as men. She has no prostate for him to hit just right, so all she feels is the sensation of his cock moving inside her, in and out. While not pleasurable in the same way it is when she’s in her normal body, the feeling of it still suffuses her with desire. Nonetheless, when she feels Bones’s hand drift between her legs, find her clit, and squeeze, she cries out in greater delight.

“I’m going to come soon, Jim,” Bones warns.

“Me too,” she says, and his fingers twist and—

She comes before he does, but only by seconds. She’s bent almost double around him, and Bones extricates himself slowly, taking great care as he pulls out of her. He rolls the condom off and deposits in in the trash, then pulls her to him again, kissing her damp temple.

“Intellectual curiosity satisfied?” he asks.

“Mmhmm,” she says. “Most educational.”

He laughs. “I’m glad,” he says. He’s breathing hard, covered in sweat. He takes her chin in his hands so that they are looking into one another’s eyes. His look is so unbelievable fond and loving it makes her heart hurt. “I think I’d do just about anything for you, Jim,” he says, “but Jesus God, I was so scared I was going to hurt you!”

Jim smiles, kissing his fingers. “Fool boy,” she says, imitating his Georgia drawl. “I don’t think you could hurt me if you tried.”

“I hope not,” he says, pushing the pillows back up behind their heads.

“You’re a good man, Bones,” she says. “Maybe the best man I’ve ever known. It’s not in you to hurt people, let alone me.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jim,” he says. But he’s smiling when he says it, the kind of smile that lets her know that he really does mean it. “So,” he continues. “Tomorrow’s the big day. Do you think you’re ready?”

“I have to be,” Jim says. “One way or another.”

They talk late into the night, both awake. Nervous, somehow. They’ve had to learn how to be together twice now—as man and man, then as man and woman, and tomorrow they’ll be back to normal, but with all this new knowledge between them.

“Do you think all couples are like us, Bones?” Jim asks curiously.

“How do you mean?” Bones’s voice is rough, sleepy.

“I mean—could all couples be okay if, if what happened to me happened to one of them?”

“Probably not, Jim,” Bones says honestly. “Let’s face it, some people are together because they like one another’s bodies more than they like minds. And some people are just hardwired culturally to disapprove of what different sets of organs can do to one another. And Hell,” he concludes with a laugh, “some people just aren’t as adventurous as you are, Jim!”

“For better and for worse, huh?” Jim says lightly. Then she freezes, realizing what she’s said. Bones was burned from his divorce for so long… But if he’s bothered by her wording, it doesn’t show, and she relaxes again.

“Yeah,” he says, and pulls her close for a kiss. “Yeah. Like you and me, darlin’.”


Part Three is here.


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