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A Short Post About Not Much

My head cold that's been plaguing me for the past couple weeks is finally abating, though my sleep cycle is still wonky cos it's always worse at night. Sigh. But I'm really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! And in general trying to catch up on all the errands I need to do (which includes making vegan cookies for KV & S--er..., once I track down some soy or rice milk. Probably after ALA though...)


So Scott got me an iPod Touch for Xmas, and Steve Jobs is my Master now. Y'know what I found on iTunes? The Dry Cell album I've been hunting since 2002. See, Dry Cell did a great track for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack (one of the best soundtracks ever--yes I'm a total dork but so what?), and put together an album, subsequently got dropped from their label and broke up. I've never found their album for less than $99--which is not a price you'd want cough up for a CD, is it? But now I have it.

I've also put all my CDs on my iPod (well all the ones I have in TX anyway, which are pretty much the ones I like the best anyhow. 1121 songs. It makes you learn funny things about your own music, like, for instance, holy shite I have a LOT of Ramones. How did I not know that? Go figure.


This post has been brought to you by chicken-fried bacon and gravy, which I did partake of with Diana and Zach last night. Happy weekend, all!

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