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Went to Houston to see a new play today, starring Selma Blair, who by the way is tiny--all through Hellboy I thought Ron Perlman and Doug Jones were just big dudes; nope, she's just that small. Muscular as all hell, but tiny.

Anyhow, the play was very good, mostly because of the acting by Blair and by Brad Fleischer. The writing was meh, "OMG some people are so FUCKED UP and have mental issues, and like, cut themselves! And shit! And did you know people have SEX?? And say FUCK a lot??" (Emo Emu is not amused)But damned if Blair and Fleischer didn't rock it. The Houston Chronicle has a longer, grown-up review here.

The author gave a talk after, but Scott and I skipped it, cos frankly it's all self-explanatory, and besides we're fucked up ourselves and know many other fuck-ups as well.

Anyhow, one thing I generally find interesting is how most play audiences are all old people. In this case I enjoyed watching people's expressions--there were the people who got it and the people who were all WTF. Although I notice that one very old man gave them a standing ovation, though he nearly toppled over to do so. Which probably tells you everything you need to know about the whole thing.

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