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So. The boy and I had determined a shopping expedition was in order, as we needed things like socks without holes in them, and more clothes hangers, and paper, and Texas-friendly work-appropriate clothing. So: shopping.

First we hit the Mall, to get the madness-and-despair part of the day over with. Scott easily managed to find the four shirts, two pairs of jeans, two khakis, and a belt he deemed necessary. Me? Not so lucky. The thing about being a relatively tall but not a stick girl is everything is either laughably small, oxygen-restricting tight, or a parachute. So, I need to hit the online stores later. Argh.

Then we did more fun type shopping. Well, we tried anyhow. I had determined I wanted a new dice set, so we went to the local gaming store. They had two sets of die on sale, both astonishingly ugly. The shopowner was pretty depressed to have two people walk in and get nothing. We felt bad too, as we'd like to support local stores, but no dice and next-to-no minis = not good for us.

So, then we went to Target, where I had to talk a salesperson into letting me buy a battery for my watch. No joke. "Well we don't like to put batteries in watches that we don't make." Well, I've owned this watch for about nine years and Target hasn't killed it yet. Pop it in, already. And we also got socks etc.

By then we needed a snack break, so we went to the Starshmucks at Barnes & Nobles, which helped. I've been in an essay-reading mood lately. So I roamed and ultimately found that essays are kept in the one shelf "literary theory" section. Go figure. On the plus side, they had some of Nick Hornby's essays from The Believer and also Kurt Vonnegut's last book, which Scott got. So that was comforting.

Anyhow. Looking for dice now.


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Jul. 6th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
Ooh thanks for the head's up. :)
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