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Rambling Update

I've been out of the blogosphere what with the gainful employment and all. Things are cool and I have a huge office and they let people in the building use art from the collections so long as its not too expensive/huge/fragile/etc so I will be getting pretty pictures tomorrow. I have two bookcases which I am slowly squirreling books to from home, starting off with all of my library/archives stuff and then more general things. Like thesauruses, which are useful when you are writing documentation and your brain goes blank.

I've talked to several people about various ideas on articles I could write. I'm mentally planning on how to go about those. Stay tuned.


Happy birthday to Simone de Beauvoir, who would be 100 today if she were still alive. I haven't finished The Second Sex, and I tried it back in college. I still have a bookmark in it though.


Random fun thing:

Cracking the BSG Code. Frankly I want this photo released as a poster sans text.


General bookishness:

I'm over half-way through Melanie Rawn's Spellbinder, which is her first novel in ten years. (Yes, I, like loads of other fantasy-geeks, am STILL waiting for The Captal's Tower. It is disappointing only in that I know otherwise that she is an excellent writer, and this puppy just seems shoddily put together. It honestly strikes me as one of those exercises you perform when you have writer's block (and she says that's pretty much what it is in the postscript), except, well, it needs editing and rewriting in bits. I'll give more opinion when I'm, y'know, done with it.

My copy of Meg Cabot's latest in the Princess Diaries, Princess Mia, came yesterday and I'm looking forward to it.


More later.

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