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Of Ren Fair

I caught up on my NaNoWriMo today since I skipped yesterday because of Ren Fair.

Current total: 8210.



The Texas Renaissance Festival may be the largest Ren Fair I've ever been to. A couple things were odd though: it cost $19 to get in but they didn't give you a map/schedule, you had to buy it (we skipped, we're cheap); only about half of the people there and maybe less actually dressed up, which I thought was strange as dressing up is one of THE most fun things about it; and the acts all passed around bags or baskets at the end for tips, which I don't know that I've ever seen before. We cheerfully gave cash since it *is* what these people do for a living and helping good entertainers pay rent is a good thing (Particularly the Shakespeare group "The Sound and the Fury" who made me laugh so hard I cried multiple times), it just seemed strange and was unfamiliar.

Anyhow we went with friends and I had a lovely time looking at clothes with my friend Carla. We both splurged and she bought a corset (not the type mentiond below) and I got a very pretty Indian style skirt and halter top I can't wait to wear some time. We were both deeply tempted at this one corset store where they had reversible corsets on sale *coff* for about $290. We tried them on and I swear, it squinched me down to a 22inch waist and poofed my boobs up. (Sorry if it's TMI, but you really should've seen it! Hell, *I* want to see that again!) I had to do a Willow and say "Gosh, look at those!"

It was "Greek and Roman Bacchanalia" theme weekend so we saw a few people in togas and dressed as centurions and what have you. We even saw two guys in 300 rig, with the red capes and lil leather underoos. Thank god they both had the bods to pull it off. When you see that much of a man's butt, you want it to be non-traumatic.

And I think that's the moral of the day, really.

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