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Review: Sicko

Yes, Michael Moore makes a biased movie. Does this make it less, true, moving, or maddening? Nope. It honestly made me about cry in parts. From the opening scene of the guy with no insurance sewing up a cut on his leg in his living room to the 9-11 worker buying an inhaler that costs 5 cents in Cuba that costs $120 at home, everything in this movie makes you want to start a fucking revolution (aided and abetted by the 11th Hour preview trailer beforehand).

I also find it interesting that a number of critics have sniffed at the anecdote about the guy with an anti-Moore website who has to shut it down because he can't afford it as his wife is ill. Moore anonymously sends him a sizeable check. I don't think Moore was particularly asking for praise there, and quite frankly, I don't care if he was. If someone was putting me down on a website, I guarantee you I would NOT send them a $12,000 check. (Okay, maybe I would to their wife. But the minute it went through the bank I'd probably send a nyah-nyah note. Cos I'm mean like that. Anyway.)

One of the more intriguing ideas brought forth is introduced by older British gentleman (I forget his name and position, but think he used to be Somebody) who discusses the Old Labour reforms of the '40s and democracy. The central idea is that government is wary of a well-educated, confident, healthy population that can keep it in line--which is reinforced by shots of French demonstrations. Likewise, a cowed, sickly, uneducated population can be bossed around. [Witness me refraining from DC political commentary, mostly because I'm kinda tired. But you get the idea. Cough.]

Anyway, it's lots of food for thought. Go see it and envy the French some more. Man.

Sideways related, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. God I hate dentists. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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