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Review: Amazing Grace. And, Kite Festival!

First of all, have I ever mentioned how much I love Ioan Gruffudd? Because I do. Even with bad haircuts and makeup that makes him look all sickly. (I now assure Scott that he is number one in my heart, even though that's mostly because Ioan is probably related to me because all Welsh people are like that.) I loved this movie and I deeply hope it gets a wider release. Strangely critics have been putting it down for being too popular and what have you--because I guess movies about the beginnings of the abolition movement should be boring, or something. The screenplay was a bit on the clunky side because of hefty exposition reasons--sad to say, before this movie, I didn't have a clue who William Wilberforce was. Well, he was the guy who stopped the slave transportation slave, that's who. And he sang pretty and liked animals and is buried in Westminster Abbey. But he probably wasn't as pretty as Ioan.


We went down to the Mall for the Kite Festival today. It was gorgeous and we were bummed to leave because of iffy looking incoming clouds and dropping temperatures. My favorite kites were the dragons, the goldfish, and the pirate ships, in that order. The pirate ships were 3D too!! I'll see about posting pictures later.


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