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Had exceedingly busy weekend: yesterday was a killer day at work, then I took the train up to Baltimore to go to a friend's James Bond party (I went as the Goth Bond Girl Who Has Yet To Be in the Movies, while Scott went as Boris "I am invincible!" dude). It was interesting, movies were projected on the wall while everyone hung out, and I was mostly bored just because Mathematics and Health Services grad students are just a very bland bunch (sorry, but they are). Came back to DC today for the play, and we were supposed to go back to Baltimore for a Superbowl party but said to hell with it, and Scott is currently on my couch with a pizza, a bag of doritos, and the remote, looking like a birthday kid. Cute.


Went to the Shakespeare Theater to see Richard III entirely because Gereint Wynn-Davies was playing the title role. (Look, I watched Forever Knight RELIGIOUSLY as a kid, okay?) It was totally KICKASS. The set was completely skewed, using forced perspective with everything at all angles. Richard III lurks menacingly through spiral staircases or slides jovially down 85 degree poles, hilarious, creepy, and awesomely evil throughout. Three hours of murder and mayhem flew by. I am still in geeker joy.

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