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Snow Day!

It's snowing outside and I'm enjoying being warm and comfy inside. I meant to go to the library today but didn't want to go outside. Gaming's been cancelled and Scott's watching football while I read up on wedding stuff and the like.

I bought a binder this weekend so we can start some serious planning. I talked to Mom last night and she was so negative it made me cry--since we're planning to marry in DC she's basically like "oh next to no one will come anyway, so don't get too many invitations, don't bother to register" blah blah and Scott was really comforting. I don't think Mom means to be so painful--she's more concerned about my older sister's medical insurance and the like, but it's kind of depressing to read about wedding stuff and then hear that no one will want to come and junk (even though rationally I know it's not true). Scott and I are waiting a year too so we can save up more money so that the wedding will be nice and we can serve people an actual meal, rather than, y'know, um, not, and Mom's pretty negative about that too. I did tell her that under no circumstances was I going to get married back home--I don't want to have my friends go to Toccoa where there isn't a restaurant without plastic bolted-in furniture and where the major social center is Walmart.

Grr. /rant


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Jan. 25th, 2007 12:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, but the parental nagging gets me down. Scott's starting to get the same from his mom, and now we have what he calls the "nuclear option:" If we finally can't take any more of it, we're eloping to Kyoto for the REAL Cherry Blossom Festival!
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