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Adventures in Tapas

So last week it was decided that tonight our gaming group would have tapas at our place. And today EVERYONE canceled at the last minute--two people sick, two people with last minute relative visits. So Scott and I were stuck with a hella lotta food to dispense with before Thanksgiving. So we called up everyone we knew, and luckily two brave souls, Sean and Camille, were able to join us.

We made: manchego cheese and apple salad marinated in olive oil, Castilian spinach (with apples, raisins, and pine nuts), ham and chicken fritters, octopus with potatos and paprika, and wine and bread. Lo, it was awesome. Due to the time cooking everything it became kind of dinner theater and so Scott, Camille, and I rolled up the fritters while Sean fried and sauteed, etc. But it was great fun and everything came out yummily. The kitchen came out as a disaster but it's mostly clean now. :D

We're also working on our Limoncello Project and have the first batch in process. Today we made the sugar syrup and bottled the contents. It should be ready to drink in about a week. It looks disconcertingly like pee but it smells beautiful.


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Nov. 21st, 2006 12:31 am (UTC)
It's a great book and the recipes are easy. I had problems with the ham and chicken fritters so if you make that use less milk than the recipe says.

I've had real limoncello before, it doesn't look like what we have. Ours currently tastes like lollipops too.
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