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More on Chick Lit

Oh look, there’s yet another debate on chick lit going around. Apparently this time chick lit is causing problems in publishing for literary women writers—non-specific problems, but, y’know, problems. Or something. Oh and a lot of this is because of a review by Curtis Sittenfield (she of Prep fame with the inexplicably male pseudonym).

I hate to break it to the industry, but—a lot of EVERYTHING you publish is crappy. It doesn’t have to be in pastel covers to be bad. Seriously, name a book published by either sex in the last three years that was something truly amazing.

I’m waiting.

Oh wait, so all you’ve heard is Da Vinci Blah Blah too? Fancy that.

Look, the old literary guard stinks and the newbies aren’t that much to write home about either. I’m trying to think of the last literary novel I read that wasn’t bullshit and I honestly can’t.

You know what the real problem with chick lit is? It makes money. Women like the fluffy ones because it’s nice to have some entertainment that doesn’t involve lame sensationalist plots and they like the more serious ones because they reflect issues we have to deal with : the balance of the domestic and career spheres. Newsflash to the world: social expectations on women to be attractive, mate, breed, and make respectable incomes, all at the same time are pretty damn hard to deal with and I don’t get why this isn’t “real literature.” Tom Wolfe writes about drunk fucking coeds and it’s art.

I close my case. Now when’s the next damn Harry Potter coming out?


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Aug. 13th, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)

The fact that no one else has pointed all this out just blows my mind.
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