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Scott's roommate Joel had a superbowl party last night, leading to a room of math people and me. I read most of the time (surprise) but enjoyed the Hummer commercial very much indeed. Come on: a giant robot and lizard having a baby hummer, it's CUTE! We merely made cameos at the 80s party due to being tired. However the playing of Top Gun on the wall was just funny, and not just because ceiling angles made everyone look like coneheads.

Now for book reviews:

#15: The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan: Yeah, I'm like five years late on this one but quite enjoyed it. The issues with the elderly was very true to life, and I liked the format of the storytelling: the mother's manuscript bookended by her daughter's account of happenings.

#16: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova: This one was SUCH a let down for me. Librarians, archivists, and vampires, how could this suck? HARD! Um, as it were. The first four hundred pages is just characters running around and talking a lot about how weird it all is. Then they finally decide to start talking to other people and maybe even doing something.

I was annoyed by several facts:

1) That in actual Wallachia/Romania, Vlad Tepes is still a friggin' hero. They're not scared of him there, they think he's like King Arthur with stakes. Skip the stupid peasant stuperstition bit.

2) Most of the book is the father's verbal accounts of events to his daughter. It's more than a little pervy he talks about having sex with her mom, at least I think. Narrative-sense it's okay, but still :Ew.

3) Why do otherwise strong and smart heroines hook up with weenie men?

4) What is UP with the mother character. She gets "ashamed" of being pursued by Drac and abandons her family until he's killed, and then she returns to the open arms of her family with no problems. Wouldn't a normal sixteen year old be like "You're a selfish bitch and I don't need you now?" even for five minutes?

Grr. Argh.

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