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Happy New Year's!

Had a quiet new Year's Eve by myself, with junk food. After I've finished said junk food (currently: one piece of chocolate cake, a hunk of brie, and some cookie dough) I'm going to start a post-insane-holidays-diet-thing.

In the meantime, I'm cooking New Year's dinner. I've gotten the cornbread done, the sweet potatos are in the oven, and the polish sausage won't be a problem. Go me!

Anyhow, this year's project resolutions will be

1) Learning to cook. Which I am. :D

2) More book reviews. I read a lot but don't talk about it enough. I should: I can work on my writing AND spread geekery. Whatcha think? Besides, I read about people who made it their year projects to read 52 books a year, and this year I read 114. So maybe I should share.

Sorry I haven't written much period and no fiction at all. My brain is absolutely dead these days with work and everything. I like my job well enough but sometimes I worry if I'm in the right field. There's a real part of me that misses serious literature study more than anything in the world, and wants to go back to it someday. But with money and real life...yeah, we'll see. I'd appreciate some feedback on this, particularly if there's anything said deeper than "do what makes you happy."

Best for 2006!


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Jan. 2nd, 2006 11:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the input. I am determined to stay where I am at least another year. It has its moments, and also the paycheck which I am quite fond of. But I do think some day I want to go back to school (preferably before I start having kids, cos I think I can juggle work and school, but kids etc too much!!).
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